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Thinking styles evaluation

The degree of university dropout and career changes show that many times, important decisions made are not based on the knowledge of one's own strengths, but instead in reaction to the social or family pressures.

The ONE evaluation is designed so that everyone can see in depth the natural talent he/she was born with. It is a powerful tool that helps you find key information, involving you in a process of exploration and self-discovery, which is fundamental for the construction of your life path.

The Benziger Thinking Style Assessment will detect a person's natural personality profile, according to their preference of thought (the dominant type of thinking, determined by the brain quadrant that naturally is most efficient). It provides information about your natural gifts, emotional tone, stress levels, and your level of extraversion - introversion.

75% Did you know that 75% of people have an incorrect perception of their own natural strengths?
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Why is One essential for you

Young people who are going through this process of self-discovery with Benziger,

make decisions more confidently, and with a higher degree of responsibility for having increased their level of knowledge about themselves.



  • ONE helps you discover not only your talents but also your preferences. For example: a vocational test may advise you to study Graphic design or Advertising, but it does not tell you anything regarding the very different way those careers are taught in different universities, with opposite approaches.
  • You will achieve greater knowledge on how to evaluate different situations and how to act accordingly, which makes it possible to improve communication and relationships in general.
  • You will also understand how to experience the state of "flow"; based on the efficient domain of natural strength in the brain, to achieve optimal performance.
  • In a culture where 80% of people do not take advantage of their natural strengths, you will have a greater advantage, with the satisfaction of being able to do what you are passionate about.
  • You will save a lot of time and money, discovering from the beginning what is good for you and what you have a natural talent for.

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Extraversion and Introversion Quiz / Test

The 4 types of thinking

The cortex of the human brain has 4 quadrants,

and the dominance of a quadrant determines a type of specialized thinking, with its unique and exclusive way of perceiving the world and processing information. Every person has one of these quadrants as dominant, a type of dominant thinking, which is naturally more efficient.

Detecting which is the individual’s dominant type of thinking serves to increase their productivity in the fields where it is naturally more efficient to utilize it.

Frontal Left


Analyst Decisions

Goals and Direction

Frontal Right


Creativity and innovation

Visionary Innovation

Posterior Left


Productivity Organizer

Monitoring and control

Posterior Right


Good Will

Harmonizer leader Empathy

Thinking Styles Assessment for Individual

What is the falsification
of type?

A person's natural thinking style can be eclipsed or invalidated by the pressures of the environment. This is the term chosen by Dr. Carl Gustav Jung to designate any situation in which an individual has ignored or denied their type or natural preference with excessive assiduity and persistence, in favor of a mode or function modeled, accepted and rewarded for its environment.

By developing utilizing a style of thinking that is not your natural one, you are forcing your brain to overload and to burn too much energy every day. This results in excessive stress, irritability, exhaustion, premature aging of the brain, anxiety, and the like

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