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Sarasota, FL - On July 20, 2020,

Florida-based MyBenziger announced the launch of its thinking assessment tools on its social media platform.

This anticipated launch is the return to the U.S. market of the scientifically supported Benziger assessment.

MyBenziger offers three assessment tools to its U.S. audience, including: One for students, BTSA for individuals, and 360 for corporate use. Each product includes an assessment test that identifies the preferred thinking styles of users and areas of avoidance.

MyBenziger asserts that the reports generated by the assessments provide crucial information on the strengths and weaknesses of users, which can guide and inform the user's career, education, business dynamics, and personal life.
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'Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.'- Carl Jung   MyBenziger is based on the findings of the famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, whose findings have led to the creation of models that reflect the results of the assessment. Jung was a man before his...

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