How has the pandemic changed your attitude toward work? Derek Thompson wrote for The Atlantic, “…the basic terms of employment are undergoing a Great Reset. The pandemic thrust many families into a homebound lifestyle reminiscent of the 19th-century agrarian economy—but this time with screens galore and online delivery.” Thompson, who writes about economics and technology, says that the pandemic was a crisis of the magnitude that it will affect the American economy significantly, on the level of a world war. And it all hinges upon our workforce’s new attitude towards work.

The Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment report shows the natural preference of the individual, and the way in which a person’s tendencies have been adapted or diverted in response to the demands of the environment. If you completed an Assessment before this crisis, you may even find that you have adapted and turned inward for skills to survive the global pandemic. If your values about your work life balance changed due to Covid-19, you are part of the Great Reset.

So where do American workers go next? The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics posts the fastest growing jobs, along with descriptions and salaries. US BLS even offers a QR code to quickly check changes to the hot jobs list. With the latest information on job growth and salaries, combined with your BTS Thinking Styles report, you can take the reset as a chance to change your course however you desire.

For more help for workers impacted by the pandemic, visit the Department of Labor’s list of Covid-19 resources.