‘Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.’

– Carl Jung

MyBenziger is based on the findings of the famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung,

whose findings have led to the creation of models that reflect the results of the assessment. Jung was a man before his time, who used observational science to look at man’s psyche.

Jung knew that the only way out is to go in, that only by investigating the way we think and act in the world can we truly find a peaceful acceptance of self. That by looking outside for the answers we are focusing on the outer world of material and ego, but when we look inside at the light and darkness that is present in all of us, only then can we truly awaken to our true existence. Jung referred to the darkness that dwells in us all as ‘shadows’ and encouraged the exploration of this feature of our human condition.

By becoming aware of how we think, our thinking styles, what we avoid and where our strengths and weaknesses lie, it is only then that we can truly understand our unique processes and shed light on how we operate in the world. This investigation can also provide us with an understanding on why we may struggle in certain situations in our lives and provide us with a clear path to sustainable change.

Look inside and awaken with the MyBenziger assessment today!

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