Neale Donald Walsch  American author, speaker, screenwriter, and actor, said, ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.’      

This quote is a reminder that whatever you’re searching for is just outside your comfort zone, peeking over the new horizon. The forgotten hopes, the burning desires, the sought-after aspirations, are all waiting for you on the other side of your fear or complacency.

What keeps us in our comfort zone? Asking this question gives you the opportunity to really look at the quality of the environment in which you exist. Fear and doubt are the obvious reasons for remaining in our comfort zone, but there are so many other factors to consider.

Where does fear and doubt originate? Was it implanted by our family patterns of belief, are the individuals we are in relationships with more comfortable holding us in place, would your success and growth shake the foundations of their own comfort zone so they offer limiting opinions and advice. Look around your life and see why you may be paralyzed in your comfort zone. When you identify individuals, circumstances, and factors that can contribute to the stagnation, you can fix it.

Have you simply lost your enthusiasm for life, do projects that once excited you feel boring, is it taking too long, with few positive results? The heart can get tired, but if we take one more reviving breath and give it another chance, the results will be incredible. Staying in your comfort zone doesn’t give you anything new, pushing yourself outside your comfort zone could lead to your dreams coming true.

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