Every direction we turn these days, we come across people in our lives who are facing challenges. The popular mantra seems to be, ‘ok, it’s another hit by 2020.’ This year has definitely shaken things up on a global level like nothing we’ve seen before, we’re going to look back at this moment in history and see that the world has changed forever.

But what if we pause and think for a moment, that the challenges we face in life do not happen to us- but for us!

If we adjust our perspective and look at the challenges we face and consider that maybe just maybe, these incidents or circumstances are brought to us to support us to change the material within us, to strengthen and stretch.

What if the winds that blow us back are the same winds that force us forward to the position we’re supposed to be in to get to the top of the mountain. What if all that’s circling around us under the label of challenge is really training us to get to the top and what a view the top has, we’re going to be able to see more than ever before and understand why everything had to happen the way it did.

Let the obstacles you face in your life lead you to ask the big questions, to get very specific about your course. Let mybenziger be a part of this process for you and embark on the greatest journey of your life-self-discovery.