Fear and faith both require you to believe in the unseen,

but only one produces a positive vibration in the body. It’s just as easy to be in faith about your life and the future, as it is to be in fear- pick faith!

We have the ability to interrupt the negative fear-based thoughts that try to dominate our mind and life by actively choosing to have faith in the unfolding of life.

The universe’s language is vibration, and whatever vibration we emit from our being is what the universe will return to us. ‘Like attracts like,’ according to science, and by applying this to our dominant thoughts, we can change our lives. Faith generates positive thoughts, which in turn generate positive emotions.

What fear-based thoughts or actions are you allowing to rule your life?

Fear-based thoughts such as “I am not enough,” “I am not worthy,” and “I am undeserving” seem to pervade our society; no one is safe. Negativity and self-doubt infect the masses like a cancer.

Be in faith and decide today that you want to understand how your brain works, how your thinking styles can affect your thought patterns.

Take a step in faith and learn how to harness the incredible power of your mind.

Change your life by learning more through mybenziger!

MyBenziger’s Thinking Styles Assessments:
will help you Solve your Collaborative Problems & to Improve Skills.
Our Self-Discovery Questions and Answers Test is based on Dr Carl Jung’s Neuroscience Psychology.

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