How big are your dreams? Adam Braun, an American entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist, said, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.”

Do your dreams for the future, excite and scare you all at once? Do your dreams give you butterflies? Or have you minimized yourself and your dreams to stay in your comfort zone, rendered yourself smaller to fit into the family, relationship, and society in which you live.

To make a shift inside ourselves to a big dream, to boldly embrace the belief that we deserve the best life we can imagine, is the first step on the journey to turning our dreams into reality. Why not make your ideal dream vision for life the best version you can imagine, even if it falls short it will still be exceptional. 

Keeping our minds entrapped by small thoughts, interactions, and beliefs stifles our capacity to dream big. Start observing the company you keep, if you are surrounded by people who talk more about their dislikes and anxieties than what excites them about life and what heights they strive to achieve, you will need to change your exposure to those people. Your mind may be polluted or cleansed, be mindful of the company you keep.

Choose to dream big today! Help your dreams by examining the world in which you are living and the state of your thoughts. Be with those who are uplifting and breathing life into you, protect your dreams. Check out mybenziger ‘s thought style evaluation and learn how the way you think will help to solidify the steps on the path to your dreams.