Did you know that Vera Wang, well known for her fashion designs did not make her first dress till she was 40. The Model T car was not created by Henry Ford till he was 45. Sam Walton founded his first Wal-Mart at 44. Arianna Huffington founded ‘The Huffington Post’ at 55.  Whatever stage you are at in your life- it is never too late. 

It is never too late to live the life of your dreams. This is a statement that some may scoff at but if we consider how much our world has changed lately, why can we not also believe it could change in our favor.

Did you ever imagine that we would be social distancing, wearing masks in public, and living in a time of a global pandemic? I certainly didn’t. Everything in our world is being changed and reshaped, if we use this time effectively we can change our lives for the better, so that when we do come out of this- we are on the road to the life we have always wanted.

Change can come with courage, just one small step in the direction of the life you want can ripple out into the world and bring more people and opportunities to you. Age and time are only factors if you allow them to be. 

MyBenzinger presents you with the opportunity to go on a journey of self discovery, to embrace who you are and how you think. Stop wasting precious time and become who you were meant to be, it is never too late.