What does it mean to live your passion? ‘live your passion’, is a trendy expression that we hear and see a lot in our culture. But how do you live a life you are truly passionate about?  

The Webster’s dictionary defines passion as: a strong love or desire for, or devotion to, an action, object, or concept; an intense, driving, or overpowering feeling or conviction.

Asking yourself the simple question, what is your passion, that should make it clear, right? In some cases the answer is yes, but what if you don’t know. What if life has beaten you up to such an extent that you have forgotten or dismissed what you consider to be your passion. Or perhaps our individual passion has been replaced by a passion for our family or a cause. Maybe you find yourself violently restrained by your reality, and cannot see how you could possibly live your passion.  

We are told to live our passion, but never are we told how. Perhaps looking backwards will help us live a life of passion going forward. Reflecting on what we were passionate about in our free time as a youth- could be a big clue. 

What inspires you? What moves you? What excites you? Have you heard yourself say I’d love to do that? Taking the time to pause with these questions of your passion, a path will begin to unfold. Maybe where a lot of us go wrong is believing that our passion can’t make us money, if we remove the monetary gain from our passion and consider it in its purest sense, we may be closer to discovering our true passion. 

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