Looking around the world today,

we can clearly see massive changes from our typical norm, our normal is being redefined almost daily. It’s tempting to get caught up in all the negative news swirling around us, but what if we consider for a moment that this time is an opportunity, a resting place that allows us to pause and examine what the next steps of our life will be.

At no point in most of our lives will there ever be a stage where the world has stopped, where we have been taken away from the busy morning routines of school and/or work, our daily commutes, or forced to put our social scenes on hold.

Perhaps this ‘Great Pause’ that we are all in is the time to truly consider how we’ve been living,

and whether we’re in fact living a life that we love and can be proud of. Questions of our purpose and passion are beginning to surface within a great number of us, and if we are open to this self-examination, we may experience this as a gift and a time to create the life we’ve always dreamed of and begin to live the life we wanted before the world told us no.

Mybenziger, a thought-assessment tool with years of scientific support, asks us to ‘pause with purpose’, to go down the path of self-discovery and learn how we think and what areas we have a natural flair in, what special talents we hold and what area we should be involved in, to use the least amount of oxygen to avoid burnout or physical taxation.

Taking the time to take the brief assessment offered and review the report will give us a true insight into ourselves and what path we should take during this pause, so that you can be ready when the world re-opens to live purposefully.