Do you remember when you were little and would list off all the things you wanted to be when you grew up- with wild abandon. 

Have you ever heard children talk about who or what they’re going to be when they grow up?

There are absolutely no limitations put on their dreams and ideas of the life they will create as they move into adulthood. No one has yet cast doubt on their little minds by throwing fears and uncertainties at them in the form of questions and comments, such as:

How will you pay the bills?,
How do you expect to find the money to go to school?,

I don’t think you would be very good at that, why don’t you try something else. You have to make the most money regardless of the job. Get a mainstream degree. That’s a man’s world. Do what your Father did.
Before the world told you no, before family, friends, and society implanted their ideas about you into your psyche, what did you believe about yourself, what was the thing that most fascinated you, what was the task you could do for hours with ease?

It’s time to tap back into the pure spark inside you, the place where your dreams lived and were guarded by the unshakable walls of youth, before the world came in with wrecking balls and made you doubt or reconsider your calling, your heart’s truest desire for your future, your passion. Go back to the version of yourself that believed in your dreams, that knew anything was possible, before you were thrown into the fast paced race of life.

The world is waiting to reopen with baited breath, so who are you going to be when it eventually does?

MyBenziger asks, are you willing to take this time to rediscover what you knew about yourself all those years ago when it seemed possible to become an astronaut who created ice cream flavors? When imagination and a touch of magic allowed you to believe in the mystery and wonder of life. By taking the BTSA Thought Style Evaluation you will find out your unique way of thinking, your innate talents and skills, and what places you should avoid for your own well-being. Engaging with the BTSA is the first step in accepting the notion that you can have the future you’ve always dreamed of.

BTSA – Self Assessment for Collaborative Problem Solving Skills
Behavioral Skills & Talent Management Questions and Answers Test for Professionals
based on Dr Carl Jung’s Neuroscience Psychology.